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Cutting of organic clothing for babies and toddlers

Cutting of the ecological textiles for bodysuits and rompers of the sustainable label of maedchenwald are is performed by Wien Work. Since 2014, cutting of bodysuits and rompers is performed in...

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Delicious natural beer in exquisite natural wood

The task Alois Gratzer chose with youthful delight in experimentation, at the age of 15, turned out to be a recipe for success some years later. Ten summers and ten winters after formation of his...

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Horse chestnut powder as an innovative domestic natural detergent – socially produced

Nature educator Gabriela Nedoma, initiative “nature protects skin“, was looking for a professional production of horse chestnut detergent. Horse chestnut powder is a natural detergent, which is...

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Innovative design bags made of residual materials

Take a used bicycle tube, canvas rests, a used coffee bag made of jute, and torn inner tubes. Mix them with buttons, a zipper and a sprinkle of sewing thread. Done. The innovative design bag of the...

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X-mas Gifts made by Social Production

The Kutech advertising agency from Ranzelsdorf in Lower Austria ( has decided, upon recommendation of the innovation platform of socially produced, in favor of X-mas gifts made by...

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From a one-way pallet to a rustic gift chest

A new SoPro product has been developed in the Styrian volcanic region by the AWV Radkersburg Waste Association and Intarsia carpenter's (an institution of Radkersburg Assisted Living): Rustic gift...

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