Social Franchising

Gute Geschäftsideen mit sozialem Hintergrund

You have a great idea? / A finished first-class product? / A clever social service?
We support you on the way towards your own social franchising concept!

In social franchising, the techniques of commercial franchising are applied to projects in the non-profit area for achieving purposes of common weal. Franchising is a method of transferring and multiplying knowledge and know-how. The franchisor transfers to right – but also the obligation – to the franchisee to implement business corresponding to the predefined concept.

In social franchising, it is not in the first place a matter of commercial purposes, but social aims are pursued through the respective concepts and initiatives (occupation of disadvantaged persons, ecological aims etc.).

Our offers:

  • We support in implementation and development of social franchising concepts!
  • An idea that works needs clear rules and criteria, in order to be passed on as a franchising model. We assist you in turning your idea into a social franchising concept!
  • Participate in our social franchising offers! The goodworks Innovation Agency offer WCR – waste container recycling, Soilart – Painting with the Colours of the Earth, the handicap tailor’s and 2nd life computers as social franchising models!
  • Networking! The goodworks Innovation Agency are internationally organized and, amongst others, a member of the European Social Franchising Network (ESFN) – We provide for opportunities of contact and cooperation on a European scale!

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