You are a social enterprise and are interested in advertising your products and services more widely?
You are an economic enterprise and have products and services produced in cooperation with a social enterprise, which shall receive more public attention?

> If so, please contact us!

goodworks support social enterprises, CSR enterprises and start-ups in marketing sustainable and socially produced products and services. We procure offers of social enterprises through consultation and networking with interested (CSR) enterprises and public institutions. We have much experience in online marketing of sustainable products and services, which are produced and offered, respectively by disadvantaged persons.

Innovative products with a social added value mostly come into existence apart from the market. They are mostly offered regionally and in small quantities. Under these conditions, it is quite difficult to become established on the market.

We intend to assist in expanding visibility and “range of coverage” of such products! We are setting up “good market”, an online market place for socially produced products and services, with a broad range of products and an international range. The goodworks quality label of “socio-ecologically produced” also supports in advertising socially sustainable products. It distinguishes products, which correspond to social, ecological, regional, quality- and innovation-oriented criteria.