Consultation, development, procurement

You are interested in innovative, resource-conserving high-quality products, for instance made of residual materials from your enterprise, and produced by disadvantaged persons in social enterprises?
You appreciate regional instances of cooperation with contractors and producers?
Your enterprise / your institution intend to practically implement social responsibility?

> If so, please contact us!

Our consultation, development and procurement offer is addressed to economic enterprises, public institutions and social enterprises that are interested in the topic of sustainability and wish to assume social responsibility.

Within the framework of our consultation model, we procure as an innovative link between the opportunities of social enterprises and the demands of economic enterprises and public institutions with the target to facilitate appreciative cooperation on a partnership level. In this context we develop high-quality, best-possible resource-conserving products, services and projects, which are implemented together with disadvantaged persons (persons with learning disabilities, long-term unemployed, persons with disabilities).

Our consultation offer comprises:

  • Funded* initial consultation – with inspection on site, check of residual material (which high-quality residual materials occur in your enterprise, which are suited for up-cycling production or re-utilization), check of regionalism (offers of social enterprises in your closer surroundings), check of core business (which fields relevant to your enterprise are possibly suited for “social cooperation”?)
  • Development and procurement of individual and innovative products and services, which are drafted and implemented in common according to criteria of eco-design (up-cycling of residual materials, utilization of renewable raw materials, certified preliminary products)
  • Support of implementation: procurement and implementation in a regional social enterprise, quality management, handling, cost accounting etc.
  • Public relations (optional): documentation, PR activities, presentations, event management, social media activities.

We offer various CSR consultation packages: product development, procurement of services up to implementation of innovative CSR projects.

We develop innovative products (especially in the field of upcycling) and services: from the classical giveaway and merchandising production up to complex products / services and project management.

In case of interest, we will be pleased to introduce ourselves after first contact on the phone to your enterprise, and will submit to you a tailored consultation offer!*

* In many cases, initial consultation and first steps of implementation as well as more complex projects are (partly) financed by regional economic and environmental funding programmes.