Principles & mission

goodworks – socio-ecologically produced

Value creation through appreciation

We stand for a Europe and a world, in which solidarity and sustainability, within the meaning of long-term conservation and fair distribution of natural resources, are given priority. A world, in which all people may participate in social life on an equal footing (“inclusion”), and are welcome within the meaning of diversity and originality as an enrichment of society. A world, which lives love as its guiding principle, through confidence and appreciation in personal as well as in economic relationships.

goodworks intend to contribute, together with partners and clients / customers from economic enterprises, administration, social enterprises, agriculture and start-ups, towards a method of economic activity, which is based on appreciation: Appreciation of people, objects and our environment. The model of socio-ecological production is the starting point and companion for small and large-scale social innovations with an ecological added value. Through consultation and development, regional, high-quality products and services, produced in a resource-saving manner, come into existence. Through networking, support and marketing we provide for new orders for social enterprises and occupation for disadvantaged persons. Through support of eco-social entrepreneurial start-ups and through social franchising we facilitate social and ecological innovations. The activities of goodworks have positive effects upon persons occupied in enterprises, on society (through inclusion and social cohesion), on the environment and on economy.

The goodworks Innovation Agency EEIG are a beneficial, non-profit organization, which pursues aims precious for the whole of society. They direct their offers to public, economic and social enterprises as well as consumers that are aware of their social responsibility. The goodworks Innovation Agency pursue the goal of internationally establishing the model of socio-ecological production, through installation of national service points and regional partners: Economic and social enterprises, public institutions, agriculture, associations and private persons that are regionally organized and at the same time linked Europe-wide as the goodworks value cluster.

Our quality label, the trademark of “goodworks – socio-ecologically produced“ shall catch the attention of consumers on an international scale, and creates awareness of certified sustainable products and services, which have been produced mainly by disadvantaged persons, and which come up to social, ecological and regional criteria. Economy thus receives an instrument of communication of their commitment, and for public procurement social and environment-friendly criteria are safeguarded. Consumers receive products with a “sustainable biography” on which they may rely.

Motivation of the initiators

We regard as fundamentals a cooperation shaped by Christianity, open to all men of good will in a spirit of service, an orientation towards the living God of the Bible and towards peace between men and in their own hearts.