good reasons

“Sustainability and sustainable development, respectively means the target that our children and grandchildren will also have food on their plates tomorrow – and that in general for the first time all people in this world will have food on their plates. It is therefore a matter of a peaceful world worth living in, as well as of liberty and sensible occupation for all people” (according to Felix Ekardt).

Fair economic activity!

The central motivation of goodworks is the economic implementation of the ethical concept of sustainability, which is based on the principle of fairness. A change in our life style and consumption of resources is necessary, so that on the one hand people in the global South and on the other future generations as well may live in a world worth living in. A society oriented towards the future has to facilitate inclusion for all people, thus participation in life as well as in the working process. goodworks orientate themselves along the three-dimensional concept of sustainable development. We integrate social and ecological considerations into the implementation of economic projects, support in practice-oriented development, and procure regional implementation in social institutions. An economic activity is sustainable only then, when it is useful not only for the business partners, but also for the part of society concerned by this transaction in the long run!

“There are still too many situations, in which people are treated like objects, the conception, design and utility of which can be programmed and afterwards disposed of, when they are no longer useful …“ (Pope Francis, speech to the European Parliament, November 2014)

The contribution of goodworks towards sustainable development:

Ecological sustainability:

  • Cutting down on transport distance
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Utilization of residual products
  • Resource saving

Social sustainability:

  • Participation of disadvantaged persons in working life
  • Appreciative working conditions and sensible activities
  • Social balance in society
  • Improvement of equality of opportunities

Economic sustainability:

  • Regional development
  • Safeguarding workplaces
  • Regional value creation
  • Sustainable economic activity
  • Regional economic cycles


  • good reasons
  • The principle of sustainability
  • Ecological dimension
  • Economic dimension
  • Social dimension