Offers for private persons

You are looking for regionally produced, resource-conserving products and services with a social added value?
You wish to contribute towards sustainable production and social balance by your consumer behavior?
You place emphasis on quality, individuality and regionalism?

> We have the right offers for you!

Ever more people are dissatisfied with the present economic system, in which greed of gain and impersonal global markets effect ruthless exploitation of nature and man, threaten our ecological basis of life, and lead to extreme inequalities. Justified frustration on account of measures such as planned obsolescence (conscious shortening of lifespan of products) and the effects of our throwaway society encourage more and more people to practically follow their wish to buy sensibly.

goodworks provide offers for those, who wish to foster sustainable and fair conditions of production and work through their consumer behavior. We develop, procure and market resource-conserving products and services, which are produced by disadvantaged persons (persons with disabilities, long-term unemployed, persons with a migration background …) in social (or private-sector) enterprises, in social institutions or through private initiatives.

goodworks pursue the target to make offers and services of social enterprises available to a broader public, and to support marketing of products and services. In this context, in fall 2015 we will launch the goodworks online market place “good market”, where the offer of sustainable producers meets demands of sustainable consumers. Products of hundreds of social enterprises are thus available easily and without complications. On this market place, especially products are sold, which have been distinguished by the quality label of “goodworks – socio-ecologically produced”. This quality label creates awareness of certified sustainable products and services, which have mainly been produced by disadvantaged persons, and which come up to social, ecological and regional criteria. Male and female consumers receive products with a “sustainable biography”, on which they may rely.

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