good offers

Together with you, we implement sustainable and appreciative products, projects and initiatives!

  • We link within the framework of our consulting model as an innovative link between the opportunities of social enterprises and the demands of economic enterprises, public institutions and private consumers, with the goal of facilitating appreciative cooperation on a partnership level.
  • We develop high-quality and most resource-saving products, services and projects for economic enterprises and public institutions, which are implemented together with disadvantaged persons.
  • We procure orders to social enterprises, and we support them in sales and marketing (for instance through an online market place and a quality label)
  • We provide support concerning social franchising, and we offer franchising models ourselves
  • We consult and support start-ups in the field of socio-ecological entrepreneurship
  • We implement national and international projects

Together with you, we work on social, ecological and economic innovations!

Your contribution towards a sustainable method of production and consumption!

Your interest and your orders occupy disadvantaged persons with most ecological, resource-saving and regionally produced products and services. All parties participating thus contribute towards a socially balanced society and a sustainable method of production and consumption. The results for the customers / clients are innovative, mostly hand-crafted quality products and services at a fair price. In addition, regional occupation with appreciative working conditions and meaningful, individually fulfilling activities are facilitated for disadvantaged persons.