goodworks – good impact

Social innovation, occupation, sustainable economic activity and saving of resources

The activities of goodworks, procurement of instances of cooperation between economic enterprises and social enterprises, marketing of the offers of social enterprises, support of sustainable initiatives and start-ups, have positive effects upon society, the environment and economy.

Socio-ecological production is oriented along the three-dimensional concept of sustainability, and fosters inclusive growth in Europe through the triad of inclusive occupation, resource saving and sustainable economic activity. This triggers positive incentives for:

  • sustainable work: occupation and qualification, and thus work and social inclusion for disadvantaged groups of persons
  • sustainable economy: regional value creation, economic instances of cooperation, resource-saving production (re-utilization, up-cycling), product innovation
  • sustainable consumption: regional and resource-saving products and services

goodworks support social innovations and create job opportunities

In socio-ecological production the social dimension, on which little light is thrown in most cases, of sustainability is of crucial importance on various levels. goodworks strengthen social occupational enterprises in their task of inclusion of disadvantaged persons in working life through procurement and support of suitable orders. Thus inclusive opportunities of occupation and workplaces come into existence for persons, who are affected by poverty and social exclusion on account of unemployment or disabilities. goodworks procure and develop appreciative and sensible activities for disadvantaged persons. Their orders placed with social enterprises afford an essential contribution towards social balance and greater equality of opportunities in society.

goodworks facilitate economic enterprises at the interface between social and economic sustainability to actively assume social responsibility, and to cooperate with social enterprises at eye level.

goodworks support social enterprises and new foundations (start-ups) through consultation and marketing in establishing products, projects and ideas.

Socio-ecological production: sustainable and regional economic activity

Socio-ecological production is considered as a comprehensive type of sustainable economic activity. The targeted fostering of high-quality, sustainable products and services leads to a more efficient use of resources and energy. goodworks instances of cooperation strengthen regional value creation. They facilitate innovative incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises, and contribute towards better capacity utilization and rise in efficiency of (largely or) partly publicly financed social enterprises.

goodworks strengthen environmental consciousness and regional development

The approach of goodworks promotes sustainable products made of renewable raw materials, residual or recycling materials in a targeted manner. Thus our clients / customers contribute towards active environmental conservation. The procurement of regional cooperation partners cuts down on transport distances, and is an additional contribution towards regional development. This is precisely, because a large number of occupational projects are situated in rural regions lacking in infrastructure. Many social enterprises are committed to an ecological orientation of their offers, for instance they offer organic catering, natural wood products, or dedicate themselves to socio-ecological agriculture. After all, the footprint of regionally produced products is clearly better than the one of globally imported goods.