Life is more successful, if we live together instead of living against one another, and so are economic activities. A challenge in our times is sustainable economic activity, i.e. to harmonize environmental awareness, social thinking and entrepreneurial core business.

goodworks link apparent opposites!

goodworks and the goodworks Innovation Agency, respectively have arisen from the initiative of ”socially produced” in public-private partnership in Lower Austria. Within the framework of a cross-border ETC project (“SoPro HU-AT” 2012-2014), this approach has been developed further on the base of numerous good practice examples with partners in Eastern Austria and West Hungary into socio-ecological production. An essential element of our activity is procurement between social economy and private economy using the principles of sustainability and appreciation, as well as promoting social innovation in the field of socio-ecological entrepreneurship.

We consult, procure, develop and support the course of products, services, CSR projects, social franchising concepts and sustainable start-ups. >> our offers

When enterprises and public institutions cooperate with social projects, innovative, individual and socio-ecological services with socially precious advantages for all parties concerned come into existence. >> more background information

Through goodworks projects and initiatives, many more “good jobs“ will come into existence in your region and in the entire Danube region. Let us work together for this goal.