Telephone replacement at university

Service for the University of Vienna in social cooperation with Wien Work

In 2014, at the University of Vienna the telephone sets are replaced on site. The University Computer Center (ZID) of the University of Vienna is actively supported by the social enterprise Wien Work.

More than 8,000 telephone sets are connected

The new telephone system of the University of Vienna, "u:phone", requires replacement of all hardware on account of the current VoIP technique. Thus the employees receive replacement of a total of more than 8,000 terminals. The workers of Wien Work, who are specially trained for this job, assume important work steps from configuration and installation of the software to setting up and connecting the devices. Cooperation is successful for both sides, so that it will be continued also in the further steps of the launch of this service.

Linking of the two institutions arose within the frame of the project of "socially produced", where sustainable cooperation based on partnership is established between social economy, public institutions and economic enterprises.

Wien Work is a non-profit enterprise of social economy, which procures and adds employment for persons disadvantaged in the labour market. Persons with disabilities, chronic diseases or long-term unemployed persons get the opportunity to participate in the economic and social process. Cooperation, such as the cooperation with the ZID, is an important basis for Wien Work in order to fulfill this non-commercial task.

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