MTR online – recycled snow shovels

Here you can order recycling products made of waste containers in social production, and get informed about this topic.

General information:

Approx. 1 m waste containers made of plastic are in use in Lower Austria only. The average life span of plastic waste containers is 10 to 15 years. Containers, which can no longer be used, frequently end up in the waste to be disposed, and therefore with costs in waste combustion or industrial combustion processes.

Through a procedure patented in the whole of Europe, in material-preserving recycling SNOW SHOVELS and other recycling products are produced out of damaged waste containers. These have been offered on the market since 2007, for instance as “RECYCLED SNOW SHOVELS”. They are exclusively produced in social enterprises. In Lower Austria, ever since more than 13,000 pcs of recycled snow shovels have been produced.