Using instead of throwing away – the “regional computer cycle”

The IMC company at Waidhofen/Ybbs and their Director Thomas Knapp have developed a project together with KOMUNITAS OG, which increases the useful life of computers through regional cycle management. The small model implemented for the present gave birth to the idea for a regional and possibly even Lower Austrian follow-up project.

In case of computers and peripheral devices used especially in economic enterprises, the (technical) useful life is considerably higher than the time period of actual use in the enterprise. Many devices are eliminated for organizational and system-immanent reasons, although they still function orderly.

Also IMC as an IT service company is often confronted with this problem. Therefore, an ecologically, economically and socially sensible solution was searched for together with the consulting team of KOMUNITAS OG.

If the data in still functional computers eliminated by companies and private persons were deleted, possibly necessary small repairs were made, and suitable current software were installed, these devices could still be used without any problems for some time in private households.
These works can be performed by social enterprises specialized in this field.

Repaired devices shall be procured (for free and for a reasonable administration fee, respectively) in a targeted manner to suitable customers in the region of Waidhofen/Amstetten.

Currently, IMC only gets approx. 100 PCs and monitors per year from customers, which are returned or replaced by new devices. This quantity might be increased through cooperation with other (IT) enterprises of the same region.
Furthermore, new PCs could already be designated, when they are sold, so that these are later on further used in a social project, and possibly a small additional fee might be charged for its social added value.

This model project is currently being continued and expanded greatly. Devices are collected in the whole area of Waidhofen/Ybbs and Amstetten, processed by SoCom, and benefit socially disadvantaged persons and social projects, respectively in the same region.