New trees “grow“ from waste boards, waste fabric turns into bags.

BENE products come up to the highest demands of quality and design! The task of the first discussion is to use part of the waste from production. This is a challenge, because also waste must turn into high-quality, so that this is interesting for the BENE company. Are social projects able to come up to this demand? The answer is YES, due to the mobile CNC unit of KOMUNITAS OG, which was specially adapted to this use, waste of compact boards can “grow” into new “design trees” …

In business consulting at the BENE company, three concrete concerns arise. At the production site at Waidhofen/Ybbs, predominantly large quantities of waste boards accumulate. In the first place, this is material of rather high quality, secondly BENE has to pay for the disposal of this rest.

A second high-quality waste product is the rest of upholstery fabric. Largely, the rest consists of rather small shreds, partly whole rolls of fabric are disposed of.

As in other consultations, the third aspect discussed dealt with the complex of problems around the disposal of functional used computers as e-waste.

Products out of waste boards

The FUTURE TREE is the symbol of the idea management of BENE. It stands for growth and future potential of the BENE group. Placed centrally at the head office at Waidhofen/Ybbs, and at each site of the BENE company.

Miniatures thereof shall in the future be produced out of waste boards of BENE by a social enterprise. The tests using CNC machines for the production are finished. Preliminary talks with social enterprises are being held, and an offer for the BENE company is being drafted.

Further processing of waste fabric

MODAETEX at Waidhofen/Thaya have expressed their interest in waste fabric. In this social enterprise, already other waste fabric is processed further successfully into different products (bags, washcloth animals, oven cloth, pencil cases etc.). Some rolls of fabric have been handed over to MODAETEX. There it is currently tested, for which product this cloth is suited best.

Functional used computers

In an industrial enterprise like BENE, time and again broken and re-usable computers accumulate. It can be regarded as a fortunate coincidence that KOMUNITAS OG also develops a “social production concept” together with a local IT enterprise. Thereby, a “regional computer cycle” shall prepare revitalized used computers for another “life”, for instance in social projects. The BENE company have declared their readiness to participate in this project.