goodworks is going international - preparation of partnerships with Romania and Croatia

Danube Transnational project facilitates the international development of the goodworks network

Together with partners from Hungary (LEED Nonprofit), Romania (AUR) and Croatia (ACT Group) goodworks Austria will work in the next months on the topic socially sustainable procurement, on the international implementation of the goodworks quality label and the buildup of goodworks in Romania and Croatia.

In a first partner meeting end of January in Austria and Hungary beside project planning the partners had a meeting with Thomas Steiner (responsible for sustainable procurement in Lower Austria), meetings with mayors from Hungarian cities and villages and visits and exchange with two social enterprises (Verein Morgenstern in Markt Piesting in Lower Austria and a social cooperative in Zalszentlaszlo/HU). The project partners are looking forward to the next steps in internationalization of goodworks and the future cooperation in the growing network.

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